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Trace & Taste of Central
Duration : Approx. 4 hours (Tue/Thur/Sat departure except public holidays)
Departure : AM

Adult/Child : HK$ 680

Ever wondered the history behind this vibrant City? Let’s take it back in time and trace the faded era of Hong Kong. Timeless elements and characteristics echo silently in today’s diversified contemporary…Join us and experience the rich and colourful heritage of the City through this nostalgic tour, comprising a tram ride and ramble through the old town!

Tai Ping Shan Street
The street remains as steep and narrow as it was first constructed, marking the early colonial history in Hong Kong. Not only paralleled with houses and temples along the slope, cute boutiques, cool cafés and contrasting art galleries can also be spotted.

Street Art
A dazzling fusion of quirky artistic trails along the old streets. Walls, shutters and even entire buildings are covered in exquisite and inspiring graffiti and murals produced by both local and international street artists.

Tai Kwun
Tai Kwun, literally translates to ‘Big Station’ in Cantonese, was a nickname for this historic Central Police Station and Prison Compound. After the revitalisation it has been transformed into the centre for heritage and arts.

Signature Bites
Street food is part of a City’s culture and Hong Kong is truly a gourmet paradise. Join us and taste some of the local favourites such as egg tart, wonton noodles and sugarcane juice.


  •  11 am from Central MTR Station Exit K (street level, next to Statue Square)


  •  Approx. 3 pm at Central MTR Station


  •  Tram fare, food & beverage including egg tart, wonton noodles & sugarcane juice and English-speaking Tour Ambassador service throughout the tour.


  •  This tour requires a minimum of 4 people to operate. 
  •  As it is a walking tour, please wear comfortable attires and bring along sufficient drinking water.

LICENSE NO. 351326