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For the past years, Splendid Tours & Travel has grown from a young company originally dedicated solely to local tours to one of the specialist leaders in the field, with a much expanded service portfolio servicing the majority of 4-5 stars hotels and travel companies in Hong Kong.

Our story began in 1992, when a group of young travel professionals decided to translate their passion into reality and established Splendid Tours & Travel, a company that is dedicated to promoting Hong Kong as a desired travel destination and constantly strive to be the best in their field in terms of product range, quality of customer care and market share.

Since our establishment, Splendid has witnessed the peaks and troughs of Hong Kong’s travel industry, from the golden boom of the 1990s to the solemn periods during the SARS outbreak. Despite the evolving nature of the industry and global economy at large, we pride ourselves in our persistent dedication and passion in developing creative travel products and upholding our professional services.

We strive to continue our tradition in delivering the best in two ways. Internally, we achieve this through frequent evaluation and monitoring, and on a larger scale, we develop and nurture strong partnerships with hotels, corporate organisations and other institutions.

In putting your trust in us, you know you have a travel team who is always thinking on behalf of you and your guests, and tailoring our products and services that best suits your needs.

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