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We offer a wide spectrum of products and services to ensure our global visitors as well as local clients have a memorable experience of Hong Kong as a travel destination. We design and operate most of our tour products in house and the remaining ones are operated in partnership with, or contracted to operators who meet our standards and requirements. Special interest tours and private tours/guiding services are also available upon request. In addition to tour operations, our ticketing and reservation department also caters for your additional travel needs, inclusive of flight, train, bus, theme parks’ tickets, worldwide hotel reservations, as well as China visas applications.

We put strong emphasis on quality customer care and professionalism in our service. This is important for our reputation but more importantly, we want to best meet the needs and maximize our clients’ satisfaction, whether they are hotels, corporate organizations or individual guests. In order to achieve this, we hold onto some key principles in our operations:

  • An extensive range of local tours available with specially designed itineraries covering an array of attractions in Hong Kong, from scenic spots, cultural heritage to key landmarks.

  • Our tour coordinators are knowledgeable, informative, fluent and entertaining in their presentation of tours.

  • The sale of slides/postcards or souvenirs on tours is not allowed.

  • Close coordination and communication between the operations team and tour coordinators to ensure smooth operations of our tours.

  • All contracted operators must meet our required standards with respect to tour coordinators’ presentation, tour commentaries, selection of meals and hotel accommodations (where applicable).

  • We schedule a periodic review of tours with our contracted operators, where each tour component will be assessed for its suitability on a regular basis. 

China Visa Application

  • Daily service for China visa applications.

  • Expedited service is available upon request.

Private guide and transportation services

  • Specially designed itinerary, different languages speaking tour coordinators and a range of transportations (e.g. limousine, yacht or coaches) can be arranged depending on the interests and needs of the guests.

Air Ticketing and outbound packages

  • Efficient and personalized services, competitive airfares as well as detailed information on overseas travel arrangements.

Various ticketing services

  • Train, ferry and bus ticketing services between Hong Kong, China and Macau.

Theme parks & other tickets

  • Sale of entrance passes to Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, Madame Tussauds HK, Sky100 & Noah’s Ark HK.


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